Savia Palate

Savia Palate graduated top of her class from the University of Cyprus in 2011 (BSc Architecture / Diploma in Architecture and Architecture Engineering). Her diploma thesis The AsYouWish Game was selected and exhibited at the ACSA International Conference Open Cities: The New Post-Industrial World Order in Seoul, South Korea. She later pursued a post-professional degree (M.Arch II, 2012-2014) in Space, Society and Culture as a Fulbright Scholar at the Pennsylvania State University. Her MA thesis at the Architectural Association School of London came as a continuation of her research endeavors, spanning architectural design, cultural criticism, and urban territorial studies. Her MA thesis, Subjectivity DIY, was awarded with Distinction by the AA and the Open University. After graduating from the AA, Savia has experienced the world of publishing and editing architecture and design at Disegno magazine, while currently she works as a practicing architect at Squire and Partners, London.

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