MA Thesis Final 2013 – Theodora Pyrogianni

“Expecting to be salvaged, however, is not rational.  It belongs to the discourse of major religious concepts and accordingly it is something  one should not expect while alive. Therefore, salvation of any kind is merely an excuse and as a concept it does not represent the actual concepts of modernity. Modernity is strongly associated with a certain humanism – with expectations towards a reformative vision vis-a-vis what society ought to be – that indeed has little to do with deity. Thus this story becomes just a pretext for seizing power over the hypothetical future; a rational control that was forged by a “philosophy of progress”  The project within this context is unequivocally political in its nature. Politics, constitutes the divisive moment of the construction of the city (polis) and vice-versa. Modernity unites politics and culture into once scheme, which is mediated primarily through architecture and urban planning.”


For full thesis, see link below



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