MA HCT & PhD History and Language Open Debate Series

Public Seminar hosted by the MA History and Critical Thinking and PhD Programmes

Open Debate 4

On Writing

Guest Speaker: Emmanouil Stavrakakis 

Friday 2 March | 12.00pm | HCT Room

One cannot think of or address the issue of history and language without thinking of writing. Writing neither belongs nor serves history or language. It forms a system of its own. The seminar/talk will present a brief historiography of writing and will focus on its relation to drawing. It will discuss writings’ evolution from the prehistoric marks of ownership found on caves, to its’ objectification during the Renaissance, its’ scientific establishment in the 1950’s by Ignace Gelb and David Dirringer and finally to its’ most contemporary form; that of the emoji.


Forerunners of Writing. (pp. 24-51) in Gelb, I. G. A Study of Writing. The foundations of Grammatology. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul. LTD, 1952

Postalphabetiticism. (pp. 156-159) in Sutil, Nicolas Salazar. Motion and Representation. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2015

This Will Kill That. (pp. 191-206). in Hugo, Victor. Notre-Dame de Paris. A New Translation by Alban Kraisheimer. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2009

Manolis Stavrakakis holds a PhD in History and Theory of Architecture from the AA. He has studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens, Columbia University and the AA. He has been teaching architecture at the AA and the Bartlett since 2011 and practicing in Athens and London since 2005.

Part of the HCT | PhD History and Language Debate Series
with Marina Lathouri and Guest Speakers

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