Lennart Wolff

Lennart Wolff studied architecture at the University of the Arts in Berlin and has participated in research-based studios at TU Berlin’s Habitat Unit as well as a joint project by TU Braunschweig and Columbia University. During his training he has worked for different offices in Santiago de Chile, Berlin and at Selldorf Architects in New York City.

Together with Elisa R. Linn he has founded the curatorial project km temporaer and has organized exhibitions in non-profit spaces, galleries and institutions like Neuer Aachener Kunstverein and On Stellar Rays in NYC. He has co-authored texts for magazines like Frieze and Kaleidoscope among others.

His research interests lie in the politics and mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion that structure the realm of culture and their influence on notions of innovation and the “vernacular” in contemporary architecture, in particular by turning to the role that different forms of discursive and curatorial strategies play in drawing the boundary between the profane and the valorized.

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