Joanna Wong

Joanna works at the nexus of architecture and journalism. Following the completion of her BA(Hons) degree in Architectural Studies at the University of Toronto, she moved to Beijing in 2017 to work as an editor and as the China correspondent for ArchDaily. She documented and brought coverage of the events happening in this constantly renewed architectural scene in China to a wider audience internationally. The transmission of information was also exercised vice versa despite differences in internet environments and those in the use of languages. Joanna’s latest piece of writing, a translated essay narrating the works of Vector Architects, is to be published in AV Monograph 218.

Being primarily concerned with how contemporary media ecology has altered one’s perception of reality (or realities), as well as the design and formation of buildings influenced by such mutated perceptions, Joanna intends to explore the possibilities of architectural criticism in relation to the above issues for her postgraduate studies at the AA.

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