Initial Thesis Abstract: See-through the developing …

With the focus on Dr Otto Koenigsberger’s work, I trace the transformation of the wall in the Tropics. Walls in traditional tropical habitats are typically thick, no matter if the building material is stone, clay, mud, straw, or thatch. The windows are smaller, to keep the heat out and clearly demarcate the intimate inside from the perils of the outside. The arrival of the modernists to the Tropics is marked by the dematerialization of the wall. But these early practices of modernizing the Tropics soon prove to be insufficient to accommodate the unprecedented, accelerating growth; radically different new notions of development are about to evolve. I see the wall as a device, by means of which, I wish to investigate larger implications for the society and its environment. It is also a medium to look at the practice of an international yet ideologically quintessentially western organization such as the UN and its mission to engineer the socioeconomic growth of the underdeveloped or developing parts of the world.

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