Images for Imagination

It seems that image making as a way of thinking has been
long forgotten in architecture. These days images are no
longer ‘seductive’ but ‘sexy’ they are to sell but not to entice
and suggest; they are retrospective makeovers and not
explorative tools. Images can be a practice of architectural
production in themselves and the many unbuildable projects
of the architecture canon can be called upon to testify here
for they have never ceased to inspire because of the forever
giving power of their imagery. Representation can only lead
us to casual relations where as an image for imagination can
lead to a variety of relations that can be connected or
disconnected. Imagery can determine the framework and
outcome of a project and save it from fashion and cliché.
When representation takes over important issues of space
and time are replaced with the empty promise of
programme, and objectified categories such as tectonics,
envelop, and matter. To view and draw architecture in such
reductive terms is to forget that architecture actually
happens in their void.

For Full Essay, see PDF below.

Images for Imagination_Rojia Forouhar Abadeh


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