HCT Debates: Marco Ferrari

foto: Elena Paca, former MA HCT student

Organised and hosted by Marina Lathouri, John Palmesino and Douglas Spencer

Series: HCT Debates: Dis-locutions, the architectural and the political
Date: 5/2/2016
Time: 14:00:00
Venue: New Soft Room

HCT Debates: Dis-locutions, the architectural and the political

The HCT Debates provide a venue for exchange of ideas and arguments. External speakers are invited every week to present and engage with tutors and students. The aim is to position the multiple voices making possible a process of thinking in common, by definition a pedagogical practice different from the seminar or the lecture. The sessions are open to the public.


Marco Ferrari: Italian Limes—the Politics of Cartography

Italian Limes is an ongoing research project on the movable borders on the Alps. It focuses on the effects of climate change on shrinking glaciers and the consequent shifts of the watershed line that defines the national borders of Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France. The most remote areas of the Alps—so inaccessible that they were regarded, up until the beginning of the last century, as terra incognita—have been the proving ground for a constant advance in the technological means aimed to give spatial certainty to the 20th century nation-state. Investigating the fragile balance of the Alpine ecosystem, along with the history of experimental mapping technologies, Italian Limes shows how natural frontiers are subject to the complexity of continuous ecological processes, depending on the technologies and norms we use to represent it.


Marco Ferrari (1981) is an architect and designer based in Milan, Italy. He has been editor at Abitare magazine from 2007 and 2011, and creative director of Domus magazine between 2011 and 2013. He has been one of the founding partners of Salottobuono, an architectural research collective based in Venice and active between 2006 and 2012. In 2012 he co-founded Folder—Agency for visual and spatial research. He teaches Methods and Tools for Representation at ISIA in Urbino, and Information Design at the MA Communication Design at IUAV University in Venice.



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