Fabian Reiner

Fabian Reiner is an Austrian architect who, before undertaking his MA at the AA London, has completed an MSc in Architecture at ETH Zurich with some of his courses attended at USI Mendrisio. Experience he gained through multiple collaborations in Denmark and Austria as well as smaller, independently executed work. Besides publishing articles in trans (ETH Zurich) and blank (Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien), Fabian also participated in a furniture exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung, Zurich (in collaboration with Vitra & Artek). Pursuing his degrees Fabian constantly felt most interested in the physical, scenographic and suggestive aspects of space and its immediate connectedness to psychological reception and perception. Focusing on space at all scales, his points of references constantly shifted from concepts of theater, novels and sculpture to some readings of psychology. From his studies at the AA Fabian hopes to concise his already acquired architectural knowledge and skills to foster his position as an architect working on both, the theoretical and the practical, serving both, the intellectually stimulated and practically minded, aiming for the emotionally receptive and rationally deciding.

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