Chris Doray

Born and raised in Singapore, Chris Doray began his architectural career at a young age of eighteen as an architectural draughtsman. Nine years later, he pursued his formal architectural education in the UK and completed his Graduate Studies at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. After three decades of international exposure in both practice and theory, he returns to the ‘melting pot’ to indulge into a year of vigorous debates, seminars, critiques and readings that will propel him forward onto the last leg of his journey in this life-long career. Upon completing the History and Critical Thinking programme at the AA, Chris wishes to spend his remaining years nurturing the next generation of designers while contemporaneously attempting to salvage the inevitable disappearance of what once used to be a simple single profession. He is convinced that a new form of human conditioning; something more entropic will become the order of the day in cultivating the knowledge and skillsets for what was once the noblest of all creative disciplines.

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