Joanna Wong

Joanna works at the nexus of architecture and journalism. Following the completion of her BA(Hons) degree in Architectural Studies at the University of Toronto, she moved to Beijing in 2017 to work as an editor and as the China correspondent for ArchDaily. She documented and brought coverage of the events happening in this constantly renewed… Continue reading Joanna Wong

Geraldine Spilker

Her multidisciplinary design background, which she obtained at the Design Academy Eindhoven together with her work experience of being a concept developer and storyteller for the 25hours Hotel Company in Hamburg converge into an interesting starting point for the new chapter ahead at the AA. Geraldine’s interest in understanding the enchantment of historic buildings and… Continue reading Geraldine Spilker

Frederique Paraskevas

Coming from a multi-cultural background, and growing up in Cairo, Frederique’s studies have closely pursued the themes of urban planning, cultural identity, and the architectural manifestations of political doctrines.  Frederique completed her architectural degree at the AA in 2016, and went on to practice in a London-based studio, where she collaborated on a variety of… Continue reading Frederique Paraskevas