Carolina Bettarello

Carolina Bettarello was brought up in a Brazilian/ Italian family dedicated for more than 80 years to footwear manufacturing, which led her interest to the design field in general, and finally to architecture. Born in a multicultural country and having been exposed to contrasting environments since an early age, she developed an investigative perception towards different ways of living and how architecture dialogues with its users. Carolina studied Architecture and Urbanism at Pontiff Catholic University of Campinas, in Sao Paulo. Since 2002, she has had a multidisciplinary career as an architect, designer and researcher, mostly in Brazil, but also in London, where she worked as an architectural assistant and studied design at Central Saint Martins. In addition to her own architectural and design practice, she has been a consultant for projects involving cultural identity such as ‘inspiramais by Assintecal’, supported by the federal Brazilian government, and has contributed as a freelance writer to the British creative intelligence company, WGSN. Having recently made a career change going back to the Academic environment, Carolina intends to follow a PhD after achieving her Masters Degree in History and Critical Thinking at the Architectural Association. She reads architecture as a field that keeps raising questions. Her research interests lie on investigating the origins of the concept of architecture, connecting it with the paradox between the built environment and the way we use it.

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