Shawei Qiao

Shawei Qiao was born in Jilin, China. She received her Bachelor degree of Engineering in Landscape Architecture at South China University of Technology in Guangzhou. She was involved in different researches on urban planning and architectural design by participating at workshops in China and South Europe. Before enrolling into the MA History and Critical Thinking at the AA, she gained practical work experience as an architect for five years in Beijing. Her works of architecture have been published in a number of publications and exhibitions such as ArchDaily, the 14th Venice Biennale, and Open State Exhibition at Studio-X, GSAPP.

Currently, her interests lie in finding methods with broader meanings to explain what kinds of architecture city requires, and how architects consider various factors when designing for the city of tomorrow. The important geographical and cultural changes help her to break limitation and explore the various design approaches. The collaboration of ideas from different disciplines in HCT Program enables her insights into more creativities and complex understandings of architecture.

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