Pandemic of Society

Today the world is consumed by an overwhelming dread; every new threat, danger, and dis-ease is seen and portrayed with the utmost fever and intensity. Media wantonly delights in displaying images from such an uncompromising standpoint that they verge on the hysteric. They scan the airwaves for the most spectacular events in order to bombard their viewers with a series of ever faster, ever more spectacular visions; creating the need, the desire, and the evermore-present institution of fearful reaction to the event.  It this reactionary proliferation of images that has lead to the destruction, and reclassification, of cultural identification. We start to question our own perceptions. How do we look at each other? Where do we stand? In this world inundated with images constantly flipping across every screen, images constantly in motion, how do can we stop and see ourselves?

Pandemic of Society_CaitlinDaly

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