HCT & PhD Debates Session 2 – Animals, Architecture, and the Critique of Modernity

HCT & PhD Debates: History in Translation

Session 2: Animals, Architecture, and the Critique of Modernity
Guest speaker: Kostas Tsiambaos
Thursday 30 January | 4:00–6:00 pm | 32 Bedford Square (First Floor Back)

Massimo Scolari, The Solitary Sparrow, 1974

Although the representations of animals in architecture since 1900 receded, as positivism and functionalism prevailed, one can still notice various representations of animals in the work of modern and postmodern architects. From the goat in Hans Poelzig’s Porzellanpavillon (1922), and the pack-donkey in Le Corbusier’s The City of Tomorrow (1929), to the horse in Superstudio’s Atti Fondamentali (1972), and the dog in Lina Bo Bardi’s Intermezzo per bambini (1984) the animal, as a symbolic representation, comes to serve a critical-interpretive function. In my talk, I will focus on a few case studies in which the animal comes to question the form and content of architecture by pointing towards a meta-architectural future.

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