HCT & PhD Debates Session 1 – Geo-aesthetics of the Anthropocene

HCT & PhD Debates: History in Translation

Session 1: Geo-aesthetics of the Anthropocene
Guest speaker: Eray Çaylı
Thursday 23 January | 4:00–6:00 pm | 32 Bedford Square (First Floor Back)

View of a Coal Seam on the Island of Labuan (engraved by L.C. Heath & lithographed by C.W. Giles, 1847)

This seminar will explore aesthetics as central to the various issues debated today under the rubric of the Anthropocene. It will do so especially by attending to the ways in which the environment is aestheticised as part of political projects and by asking how these aestheticisations in turn engender, encourage and legitimise particular environmental interventions. In terms of its critical analytical objectives, the seminar aims to complicate flattening notions of humanity and universality that continue to characterise mainstream approaches to the Anthropocene in architecture and related disciplines.

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