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Application Procedure
The AA is a private institution. Anyone interested in applying to the AA must:

  • Complete the online application form
  • Pay the appropriate application fee depending on the timing of their application submission (£55 for early applications, £75 for late applications) before the deadlines stated to be considered for the 2023-24 academic year.

For full details please see the Graduate Application Page
* In order to be eligible to apply for a bursary, applicants must submit their application no later than 26 January 2024, stating their interest in an AA bursary in the ‘Finances and Funding’ section. Applicants who require an English language examination must also have booked and passed one of the approved English language examinations listed on the AA website by 26 January 2024 in order to be eligible for a bursary. The bursary application procedure will be explained once applicants receive an official offer.