Amina Al-Failakawi

My name is Amina Al-Failakawi and I am from Kuwait. I am currently preparing for my MA in History and Critical Thinking. Working as a Creative Director for one of Kuwait’s most notable design companies and simultaneously studying at the AA is quite a challenge, however it is the marriage between these two disciplines that offers me the very diversity I am seeking as a designer. I received my BSc in Interior Design from the American University of Sharjah, and ever since then, I have practiced as a designer, instructor, design manager, and now Creative Director and MA student. I have been traveling my entire life due to my father’s profession as an ambassador, granting me the advantage of constantly being exposed to different cultures, nationalities and mentalities. I divide my life into “stations” where in each I evolve and hope to develop into a well-rounded person. London is my current station and the AA will well-prepare me for the next one, hopefully bringing me closer to the person I aspire to become.

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